March 20, 2022

S02E16 - Lea Ypi on Freedom

Lea Ypi reflects on her childhood and youth in socialist Albania and the country's subsequent transition to liberal democracy and a free market economy. What's clear: None of the political economies Ypi experienced satisfied her need for and concept of freedom.


Lea Ypi's Website:

Lea on Twitter:

Ypi. Lea. 2021. Free. Coming of Age at the End of History. London: allen lane, Penguin Random House:

Ypi, Lea. 2022. Frei. Erwachsenwerden am Ende der Geschichte. Berlin: Suhrkamp:

Fine, Sarah, and Lea Ypi. 2016. Migration in Political Theory. The Ethics of Movement and Membership. Oxford University Press:

Wellman, Christopher Heath. 2016. "Freedom of Movement and the Rights to Enter and Exit" in: Migration in Political Theory. The Ethics of Movement and Membership, ed. Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi, Oxford University Press, p. 80–104:

The Journal of Political Philosophy
, of which Lea Ypi is co-editor:

Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy, of which Lea Ypi is commissioning editor:

Lea Ypi at The New Institute:

Further material:

(German) Was ist die Shock Therapy? Future Histories Kurzvideo:

Shock Therapy (Wiki):


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